Lucknow 49 – DUM Biryani’s spicy little sister

From our very first visit DUM Biryani had us hooked. Frequent daydreams of crisp pastry covered lamb shank Biryanis followed, with DUM quickly established as our go to ‘spice fix’ spot. So expectations for the newly launched Lucknow 49 were sky high, Dhruv Mittals second west end venture after launching DUM in late 2016.

Lucknow takes inspiration from the low and slow Awadhi cooking Lucknow city – a North Indian style that sees fluffy biryanis, galawati kebabs and curries at the centre of the table.


Kick off your meal with a choice of kawabs that pack a flavour punch Anthony Joshua would struggle to contend with. Legend has it the melt in the mouth Beef Galawati was specially curated for the Nawab of Kakori after loosing his teeth, but not his passion for sensational flavours. This must try is made with minced beef and over 50 dry spices, hand-pounded into a soft paste and gently fried. Then there is the lamb kakori kebab spiked with clove, black pepper, cinnamon and grilled over coals. Divine.

With a spice infused negroni to hand and a soundtrack of acoustic Indian and lo-fi hip-hop tunes, the feel good vibes served by Lucknow are contagious. Compared to DUM Biryani dishes are smaller here and more tapas in style, so go all out and try as many dishes as possible.

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Moving to mains, the Taar Ghosht and Goat Biryani are essentials, and showcase the riches of low and slow cooking. Taar Ghosht, meaning ‘sticky lamb’, is a specialty of Lucknow’s royal kitchens, which sees a spice-marinated lamb leg rendered down for several hours to create a thick sauce rich in flavour – a plate to fight over by the fork full.

Next there is a line-up of Dhruv’s fragrant biryanis, including an Awadhi Goat Biryani flavoured with saffron, rose water, screw pine essence and a perfume made with the roots of several flowers and seeds.


A true labour of love for the Lucknow kitchen, this is a menu to be explored and given its Mayfair location is a likely to become an instant staple of the west end curry offering.

We were kindly hosted by the Lucknow 49 team however as always all opinions are our own.

Website –

Instagram @lucknowldn

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