Liban Tapas – A taste of Lebanon

Any restaurant that inspires travel is well worth a visit and, with vibrant, flavoursome plates, Liban Tapas does just that. With strong links to the dynamic food culture of Beirut, this South Woodford establishment offers something different, standing out from the typical middle eastern options common across London. Attention to detail drives this, with hand made falafel, hummus and baba ganoush proving fresh and light and providing one of those “so that’s how it’s meant to taste!” moments.

Photo by Simon Burrell

In the name, Liban’s tapas menu is extensive, so an ideal spot to visit with friends and family with no excuses needed to fill the table with an array of plates across hot and cold options. The patata harra stood out a country mile with its complex blend of spices balanced by fresh coriander and lemon juice.

Photo by Simon Burrell

Plates from the grill are focussed with quality meat and fish options. The Liban team leverages it’s close ties with London’s well established Lebanese community to source top quality halal meats from the best butchers – a distinct characteristic from the low quality, high volume approach common in other middle eastern spots.

Photo by Simon Burrell

A beautiful menu is accompanied by a beautiful restaurant. Almost concealed on George Lane, Liban’s elegant entrance, lined with Parlour palm trees acts as an oasis with both interior and exterior seating options. With a unique Cocktails list and a house made ‘After’s’ menu, this is a spot to indulge the senses and do what we Londoners sometimes struggle to do, take a moment.

Photo by Simon Burrell

We were kindly hosted as guests of Liban Tapas however all opinions expressed are completely our own.

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  1. ishbilia12 says:

    Grilled chicken shawarma with pita bread is a must-try dish if you are going to any Lebanese restaurant. They sourced some top quality halal meat and cooked it with their authentic Lebanese style. I am feeling hungry now after reading your blog.


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