Discover the true meaning of Christmas in London with ‘The Greatest Snowman’

Immersive theatre and dining experts Funicular are inviting festive Londoners to board a luxury train carriage this Christmas for an evening of good tidings. But all is not as it seems, as mysterious forces are at play to bring non-believers back to the land of make believe. Guests will be treated along the way to a delicious four-course meal curated by BBC MasterChef: The Professionals Finalist Louisa Ellis of Cauliflower Velouté, a Three Bird Roast and more.

Passengers boarding from Pedley Street Station this Winter had better watch out and had better not cry; Santa Claus’ agents are coming to intercept the train.

That’s because the notorious whistleblower Ed Snow is onboard, and having started the rumour that Santa isn’t real, he’s just made the naughty list. Guests must embark upon a secret mission to help Ed believe again and rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

Greatest snowman social (1).jpg

When asked what they wanted for Christmas this year, top of Funicular’s list was renowned restaurateur Louisa Ellis. Returning to Pedley Street Station following rave reviews for her Journey To The Underworld menu, she has designed an indulgent four-courses of velvety Caramelised Cauliflower Velouté, delicious varieties of Jerusalem Artichoke, a tasty Three Bird Roast or indulgent Mushroom Wellington (V), plus a dessert of perfectly Poached Pears.

Funicular are a passionate collective of creators specialising in creating truly immersive experiences. Co-founded by entrepreneur, actor and scriptwriter Craig Wilkinson and production director Ed Borgnis, Funicular boasts years of experience bringing events and theatre to life all over the world. Their first experience within Pedley Street Station The Murdér Express, an immersive twist on a murder mystery set in the early 20th Century, and more recently their twisted fairytale Journey To The Underworld, saw rave reviews and sold out shows.

The Greatest Snowman opens on Wednesday 21st November 2018 and will run until 23rd December. For more information and tickets, please visit



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