Untitled Bar Dalston – The Moon Garden

Nothing brings people together in Japan like Yakitori (やきとり/ fire grill chicken). These, usually intimate venues (some no greater than four or five seats), offer diners a place to unwind and enjoy an onslaught of grilled veg and meats, ice cold beers and prime viewing of grill masters at work. With all this in mind we we’re intrigued to check out a little piece of Tokyo in Untitled Bar’s new Asahi sponsored Yakitori Moon Garden in Dalston, East London.

Untitled_ Andy_Stagg5

The Zen styled Moon Garden plays strong contrast to the chic and glam of untitled bars modern quartz and concrete interior, and is illuminated by a large model moon reminiscent of Haruki Murakami’s (one of Japan’s finest writers) 1Q84 novel where the appearance of a second moon acts as a manifestation of a shift in reality.

Taking perch in this alfresco setting we opted for executive chef Rob Roy’s sharing menu that, for £26 per person, offers diners a selection of 10 uniquely Japanese plates including a selection of Yakitori. Standout dishes included the Lamb brioche with ginger and shiitake and the Herb salad with marinated tofu, crispy kale and dried figs. Plates are best enjoyed with the cocktail selection from the Garden menu, with the Moon cocktail infused with sake and jasmine leaving us feeling relaxed in an ambient calm.


The outdoor Yakitori grill is available from 6pm through to 10pm every Saturday and Sunday. The Drinks list at the bar is curated by Tony Conigliaro and his team at Drink Factory.



538 Kingsland Road London E8 4AH

Website: www.untitled-bar.com

Instagram: @untitled_restaurant_bar

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