Skewd Kitchen – Anatolian brunch with attitude

With title of “Chef of the year” at the British kebab awards successfully defended for the second year in a row, we were super excited to take on Chef Maz’s self titled Anatolian ‘brunch with attitude’ at Skewd Kitchen, Cockfosters. Being native north Londoners we are big fans of Turkish cuisine, growing up with the wealth of spots along Green Lanes, so an innovative take on brunch closer to home is a welcome addition to our North London roster.

Sucuklu Yumurta

The brunch experience at Skewd lines up all the Turkish favourites such as sujuk, pide, simit and kumpir, infused with traditional and innovative cooking styles such as baked Güvec clay pots and slow cooked eggs ensuring a depth of flavour while preserving runny, perfect yolks. Skewd deliver dream combos not available anywhere else including the Beef Kavurma – a pide topped with baked feta, egg and wagu beef – the dream!

Brunch Simit-14

With all of these savoury brunch options available, don’t fret! there’s plenty of sweets on offer too, such as the Kaygana which is a take on French toast. Served with honey, kaymak, roasted almonds and berries, the light fluffy dough is a sweet Yorkshire pudding/ donut hybrid to die for!


After their recent feature on Saturday Kitchen and a second, central London location in the pipeline the momentum really is with the Skewd Kitchen team, so hop on the Piccadilly line to Cockfosters as this tried and tested menu is well worth experiencing!

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