Street Food Trailblazers, KERB, Celebrate Their 5th Birthday

This October, KERB celebrate 5 years of street food trailblazing with a star-studded birthday bonanza bigger and better than ever before. They’ll be celebrating their big bash with a TWO NIGHTER party at their King’s Cross Canopy home PLUS a whole month of birthday magic in the lead up to pay homage to the journey of KERB, the evolution of street food in London and the incredible traders who have made it happen so far. And you’re all invited.


They’ll be bringing back old faces (KERB Alumni) to trade alongside the new (inKERBator graduates) and cook you up a never-created-before KERBlaboration-themed £5 dishes at their party – (behold street food titans Bleecker x Bao going head to head with the ‘boa-urger’; Vicky’s x BluTop’s ice-cream donut toastie and Decatur x Project Sandwich’s NYC Bodega store deli to name a few); inviting four KERB Alumni back (Bleecker Burger, Yum Bun, The Ribman and Rola Wala) to guest trade at their KERB Gherkin lunch market; releasing ‘The KERB Life Podcast’ – a sonic feast exploring the London food scene; and their first ever forward-focused industry panel.

The Party

Friday 20 & Saturday 21 October

5pm – 11pm

West Handyside Canopy, Kings Cross, N1C

Tickets cost £5 + booking fee –

Mac ‘n cheese piadinas, donut ice cream sandwich toasties, vegan Kerelan tofish tacos, Khao soi guo tie dumplings and American cheese burger Taiwanese steamed bun fusion – KERB will be bringing together some of it’s biggest acts over the last 5 years and celebrating their birthday in a crescendo of KERBlaborations. This two day party under the canopy will be a kaleidoscopic reunion of old faces (KERB Alumni) alongside the new (inKERBator talent), cooking up never before seen street food dishes for £5 each.


Of course it wouldn’t be a KERB party without ‘the best of KERB’ DJ’s + live music performance (feat. last year’s star hip hop trumpeters ‘Dat Brass’) and signature KERB cocktails (signature Birthday Cake Spritz + Spiced Tequila Tegronis)  and specialist craft beers thrown in there too.


  1. Bleecker Burger and Bao – London’s greatest street food titans go head to head with a SURPRISE burger-bao invention. To be announced.
  2. Decatur and Project Sandwich – The NYC Bodega store deli sandwiches
  3. Oh My Dog and the Ribman – ‘The Rib Dog’: heritage breed franks piled high with Ribman’s signature “Holy Fuck” hot sauce smothered meat.
  4. Club Mexicana and Dosa Deli – vegan bhaji-battered Keralan tofish tacos
  5. Sheng High and Greedy Khao – Khao soi guo tie dumplings on curry soup noodles
  6. Kimchinary and BBQ Dreamz Korean vs Phillipino bbq fusion
  7. Vickys and Blu Top – Donut ice cream toasties
  8. Anna Mae’s and The Piadina Project – Mac & Cheese piadinas
  9. Nonna’s x Capish Napolitan choc ices

Whatever your plans are this weekend, cancel them and get down to the KERB!

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