Bombay Sapphire Terrace to launch at Wright Brothers Spitalfields for London Cocktail Week

The Market Terrace at Wright Brothers Spitalfields has undergone a transformation, in time for London Cocktail Week. Bombay Sapphire, the world’s number one premium gin distillery has remodeled the al fresco space into ‘The Bombay Sapphire Terrace’ with a market side entrance next to the hub of London Cocktail Week.

On Monday 2nd October visitors to the hidden oasis can expect to discover four different gin cocktails which will all pair perfectly with Wright Brothers specialty, seafood. Each small plate is designed specially to enhance the flavour of the botanicals contained in Bombay Sapphire gin.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 09.45.16

In addition to these four glorious cocktails, Wright Brothers will also be offering their signature £6 London Cocktail Week cocktail, Smokey Bombay (available at all Wright Brothers restaurants – Borough Market, Soho, South Kensington and Spitalfields).

The full pairing menu can be viewed below: (available throughout October)

3 baked Carlingford oysters with wild herbs & seaweed butter £9.50
Paired with:
Star of the Show: Star of Bombay gin, Oloroso sherry, Dom Benedictine, Musky & Bergamot bitters £10.00

3 dressed Carlingford oysters, preserved lemon & galangal confit £10.00
Paired with:
Bombay Sour: Bombay Sapphire gin, Becherovka, fennel syrup, lemon juice, sweet & earthy bitters, egg white £9.50

Roasted tiger prawns, white balsamic virgin sauce & smoked paprika £12.50 Paired with:
Spice Route: Bombay Sapphire gin, lemongrass & ginger tea, ginger syrup, apricot jam, floral & spicy bitters £10.00

Spiced scallops, tempura vegetables with Bombay Sapphire Gin beurre blanc £13.00 Paired with:
Bombay Sapphire gin, Yuzu sake, pine & citrus bitters, herbal tonic £10.00


(Available at all Wright Brother restaurants for just £6 with the LCW digital pass)
Smokey Bombay: Bombay Sapphire gin, Ron Aguere honey, Fentimans ginger syrup, lemon juice & Lagavulin 16yr.

London Cocktail Week: 2nd – 8th October

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