46 & Mercy – Spitalfields

Tucked away in the heart of Spitalfields, 46 & Mercy is London’s newest creative event space. The venue was relaunched this autumn with a night of music, live art and cocktails that showcased its transformation from speakeasy cocktail bar into an engaging creative event space.

Sitting below renowned American smoker HotBox comes with its pros, with some of London’s tastiest tacos making their way downstairs as bar snacks to accompany a reengineered cocktail menu – not to forget the buffalo wings, crab sliders and much more also available!

The innovative new cocktail menu includes a spin on the classic Martini, the ‘Martini 46’, made with Absolut Vodka, Belza White Vermouth, Peach Liqueur & Apple Juice and the ‘Red Buffalo’, with Buffalo Trace, Aperol, Cherry Hearing and Peychaud’s bitters. Both come highly recommended and we would go as far to say the Red Buffalo is in our top five London cocktails!

With a series of events planned the venue will showcase London’s freshest creative talent, ranging from exhibitions to screenings to club nights, so keep a keen eye on the 46 & Mercy roster, work your way through their delicious cocktail menu and soak up the laid back creative atmosphere.

We were kindly hosted by the 46 & Mercy team for a fantastic evening. All opinions expressed are our own.


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