Ugly Dumpling – Newburgh Street

As any visitor to London’s West End will know, the buzz around Caranby Street is hard to ignore. With its rich heritage as an epicentre of London culture and lifestyle, Carnaby attracts millions of visitors per year and has become home to some of the Capitals most exciting names in food. Hungry wanderers will therefore be pleased to know that street vendor heavy weight “The Ugly Dumpling” have now taken up permanent residence on Newburgh Street, serving up more of those mouth watering bites that put them on the every foodies street vendor radar.


As a regular at Duke of York Square and Piccadilly Market, the the Ugly Dumpling team achieved huge success. Embracing traditional flavours and techniques from China and Malaysia, founder Ping is not afraid to experiment, giving birth to some truly unique creations across both savoury and sweet spectrums. These include pork belly, hallumi & courgette, truffle & mushroom,  fried blueberry & creme fraiche and white chocolate & matcha dumplings. Add to these a whole host of innovative side options such as tempura aubergine and miso glazed courgettes and any pit stop is sure quell those hunger pangs while providing a highly instagram’able spread.


As big fans of Asian food ourselves, and being lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong last year, the Ugly Dumpling vibe reminded us of some of the special creations taking HK by storm at Yum Cha, more of which you can see here (

The Ugly Dumpling is well worth the visit. Escape the crowds of central London and get your tastebuds on their feet while you get off yours!

A big thank you to the Ugly Dumpling team who hosted our visit, all opinions expressed are our own.

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